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What ‘Santa Experiences’ are being run by HU this year?

·        Breakfast with Santa

·        Dinner with Santa

·        Santa’s Grotto

·        VIP Grotto Experience

Where can I buy tickets for these events this year?

All tickets will be sold via the Housing Units website 

When will tickets go on sale?

All tickets will go on Sale at 10am on Thursday 5th Sept, to coincide with the start of the Autumn Sale on the HU website.

What advantages are there in booking the tickets online?

• Immediate delivery of tickets
• An ability to book the time you want to visit us, in the comfort of your home without the need to visit the store
• Reduced queueing time
• A greatly enhanced, more personalised experience for our younger guests.

What if I haven’t got access to the internet?

Please ask a friend or family member who has got internet access to help book tickets for the experiences on your behalf. By booking online, you will enjoy an enhanced experience

Can I book tickets over the phone?

Regrettably, this is not possible. Please purchase your tickets on the Housing Units website.

What methods of payment can I use on your website?

Santa experience tickets can be purchased using all major Credit and Debit cards (American Express is not accepted). You can also make payment by PayPal.

Are customers credit card details safe booking on your site?

• Our website employs state of the art encryption technology, with none of the customer’s account details being stored once a purchase has been made

Will I be able to ‘pay on the day’, without booking?

• The Breakfast/Dinner with Santa events are limited to 35 child places each session. These always sell out and so it is extremely unlikely there will be any places available if the tickets are not booked online
• You will be able to pay on arrival at the Grotto, unless all slots are sold out. However, you will be allocated the next available time slot, and we can not guarantee you will be able to join the queue straight away. At peak times, it may be several hours before there is an available time slot. Therefore, to avoid excessive waiting time, it is highly advisable to book online.

What is the cost of the Santa experiences?

Grotto - £15.95 per child / adults F.O.C

Enhanced Grotto Experience (9th-18th Dec)-£29.95
Breakfast with Santa – child £19.95, adult £14.95
Dinner with Santa- child £19.95, adult £14.95

Is a booking fee payable when tickets are purchased online?

In line with all other ticket retailers, an additional 90p booking fee is added to each experience purchase, irrespective of the number of visitors booked for that session i.e. a family of 2 adults and two children booking for the Grotto still only pay an additional 90p in total

What will I expect to receive at each experience?

Again, full details are on our website, but for information:

• At Breakfast with Santa, children are personally met by Santa and given a gift. New for this year, children will be served a ‘Festive Breakfast Stand’, comprising a mini bacon sandwich with ketchup dip, Xmas Tree toast with jam and butter, cereal and milk, a mini yoghurt and fruit pot, a sweet treat and a children’s soft drink. Adults will also enjoy a cooked breakfast with a hot drink.

• At Dinner with Santa, children are also personally met by Santa and receive an age appropriate gift. New for 2019, children will be served a ‘Festive Dinner Stand’, comprising Turkey finger sandwiches, Yorkshire pudding with pigs in blanket, fries, gravy, a novelty ice cream, a festive dessert, a fruit bowl and a children’s soft drink . Adults also enjoy a Christmas Dinner, mini mince pies and a hot drink.

• At the Grotto, each child will receive a personalised meeting with Santa, an age appropriate gift and a quality photo in a mount.

• With our VIP Grotto Experience, each child/family will have 15 minutes in the grotto. The limited number of tickets available means that only one or two families will be in the entire grotto at that time. The VIP experience is only available for one hour each day prior to the grotto's normal opening time. Each family will be met at the entrance and each child will receive a personalized "Golden Ticket", and be introduced to their "Personal Elf" who will escort the family from start to finish. Each child will receive a personalised meeting with Santa, an age appropriate gift, a quality photo in a mount and a personalized thank you letter from Santa.

Are places limited for the Breakfast and Dinner with Santa experiences?

Yes. To ensure our younger guests have a truly enjoyable experience, there are only 35 child places available for each session. There is no limit to the number of adults that can accompany each child attending each session

What if one of my party has a specific dietary requirement, requires a high chair or has any other special request?

You can make any of these requests as part of the online booking process. We will always try to meet any special requests if given sufficient notice, but regret that we can not always guarantee to fulfil every request

What are the dates and times for each of the Santa experiences?

All details can be located on our website from the launch date, and will also be detailed in our in-store Point of Sale

Once I’ve paid for my tickets online, how will I receive them?

On completion of your order, you will be emailed a digital ticket containing a barcode and booking reference number.  This should be printed out, kept safe and brought along to the start of the event

What if I don’t have a printer?

No problem! Simply make a note of the 8 digit Booking Reference Number and bring it with you, or alternatively keep a copy of your booking confirmation email on your mobile phone and show this on arrival.

What if I forget or lose my ticket/reference number?

Again, no problem! The person who made the booking can simply attend the event and bring ID

Can a ticket that has been ‘lost’ be re-issued?

Yes! Most customers will normally be able to find their original e-mail issued when the purchase was made so they can re-print their own ticket. However, in the very few cases where this may not be possible, please contact us via e-mail to santa@housingunits.co.uk within 48 hours of the start of their event, and we can re-send you your ticket.

Could a lost ticket be used by someone else, or used more than once?

• At the start of an event ticket will be scanned which stops it being used again.
• In the event of a lost ticket, if you are concerned it might be found and used by someone else, please send us an e-mail to santa@housingunits.co.uk  and a ticket can be re-issued

What happens if I want to cancel a booking?

You can cancel a booking and receive a full refund, within 48 hours of the start of the session you have booked. If you wish to cancel a booking, please contact us at santa@housingunits.co.uk 

What happens if I enter the wrong details on a booking and wish to change them?

Any customer wishing to change their booking details should contact us at santa@housingunits.co.uk 

What happens if I want to add another person onto a pre-existing booking?

• In the case of children, simply purchase another ticket for the date, time and event you desire, subject to there being spaces available
• For adults, there are no limits to the number of adult visitors to any of the events, so book another ticket for the additional number of adults required (adult tickets not required for Grotto, just come along!)

Can I make group bookings?

We welcome group bookings, but these are best booked online to secure the time slots you need. For groups of 10+ please send us an e-mail to santa@housingunits.co.uk prior to booking and we would be happy to help

What time should I arrive?

Customers should arrive 5 minutes before their allotted time slot

What happens if I am late?

If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be re-booked for the next available time slot. At peak times, this might be in several hours’ time and so it is always best to arrive on time

How long will I have to wait to see Santa at the Grotto?

Though we try very hard to limit queuing time, at peak times you may be in the Grotto area for up to an hour, though we will do everything we can to make your time with us as magical as possible. However, more typically the wait time will be 30 minutes or less

Can I purchase additional photos at the Grotto?

Yes, no problem, with each photo being mounted in a protective HU frame. You will also have the opportunity to purchased additional items such as decorative picture frames, greeting cards & key rings, all featuring personalised photos from your visit

Can I take my own photos in the Grotto?

Customers are welcome to take their own photos of the children they accompany, though we would ask that this be kept as brief as possible

What happens if I cannot find the information I require or have any questions about any of our Santa Experiences?

Please send us an e-mail to santa@housingunits.co.uk